3 Trends Defining San Diego

The Editors | June 29, 2017 | Feature Features

San Diego's cuisine scene just got a slight forklift.
Chef Brad Kraten's modern Mexican iteration of aguachile verde at Curadero

Modern Mexican is trending on both sides of the border, and here in San Diego, we’re first to the table at a cornucopia of creative cantinas. Baja-style seafood dishes with a twist on traditional recipes are emerging from the kitchens of Curadero, Puesto, Galaxy Taco and Barrio Star. All are leading the charge, with high-quality ingredients, haute cooking techniques and stunning presentations.

More than ever, chefs are eliminating the middleman; they're sourcing their fruit and vegetables from local artisan farmers, their seafood from area fishermen, and their meat and poultry from California ranchers. Buying local benefits everyone—diners (fresh food tastes better and is more nutritious), the environment (ingredients grown close to home have a much smaller carbon footprint) and the community (local producers are our friends and neighbors). Some of the farm-friendliest restaurants are The Red Door, Donna Jean and The Garden Kitchen.

Forget burgers and fries. Eaters on the run are opting for salads, sandwiches, smoothies and plant-based fare from the likes of Flower Child and Mendocino Farms.


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