3 Ways to Try Sound Baths in San Diego

By Kerry Snider | March 19, 2020 | Lifestyle

This trendy wellness treatment is music to our ears.


The tranquil sounds of sound bath bowls are paired with the practice of restorative yoga at Saffron & Sage.

1. Saffron & Sage

Consistently on the cutting edge of the latest alternative treatments, this health spa offers a ritual sound healing class on Sunday evenings. Practitioner Christina Resasco uses crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, bells and her voice to create just the right headspace for you to unwind. 2555 State St., Little Italy, 619.933.2340

2. Yoga Box

For beginners easing their way into the new trend, sound baths can be combined with an activity they’re already familiar with, like yoga or meditation. On the second Sunday of each month, founder Amanda Burns invites a sound healing practitioner to provide her restorative yoga class with the calming vibrations of the bowls. 1450 University Ave., Ste. 202, Hillcrest, 619.344.0300

3. Zen Soul Balance

Dynamic duo Mark Carter and Jeny Dawson offer classes throughout the San Diego area, collaborating with various yoga studios and the Scripps Shiley Sports & Fitness Center. Carter utilizes up to 50 instruments in his sound therapy sessions to soothe your mind and relax your soul. Try a one-on-one treatment for a tailored experience.
La Jolla, 858.412.7804


Photography by: Yolanda Diaz