6 Ways To Support Virus Victims

By Kanika Talwar | March 25, 2020 | National

Tired of feeling panicked about the pandemic? Donate now to these nonprofits that support those affected by COVID-19

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is asking for volunteers for blood donations, as there is a severe shortage. Healthy and eligible donors are encouraged to make an appointment by giving blood, platelets or AB plasma.

Feeding America
As one of the largest food banks across the country, Feeding America has worked with government leaders to continue school lunch programs. The organization aims to feed the millions of children who rely on school for their breakfast and lunch meals while schools have been shut down. The charity also has safely distributed cleaning supplies, diapers and personal care products to those in need.

Relief International
Operating in 16 countries, Relief International is supplying medical materials including masks, goggles and testing kits to countries hit hard by the virus. Focusing on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the charity has partnerships with the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, World Food Programme and U.S. Agency for International Development.

Save the Children
No Kid Hungry, in conjunction with Save the Children, helps give children access to free meals during the closing of schools within the U.S. Since February, the relief fund has also given medical supplies and other essentials to China in the wake of shortages.

Water Mission
In areas of the world where access to running water is a luxury, Water Mission is assisting in the major component to fight COVID-19: hygiene. The fund creates and implements coronavirus-specific solutions for sanitation and hygiene.

World Central Kitchen
Through his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, chef José Andrés aims to mobilize chefs to feed workers combatting the virus, quarantined cruise ship passengers, students, the elderly and vulnerable communities.

Photography by: Andrey Medvedev/istock photo