Streamline Skincare With Armani Men's Newest Products

Phebe Wahl | October 16, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Giorgio Armani streamlines skincare for gents with the launch of the Armani Men skincare collection.


Men battling visible signs of aging have a new superhero suite thanks to the launch of Armani Men skincare collection ( The streamlined three-product line is designed to wage war on the main enemies of aging: dehydration and pollution. Armani Men The Face Wash ($37) removes all traces of pollution with an assist from exfoliating jojoba pearls and birch bark extract. Armani Men The Toner ($48) fights fatigue with a vitamin booster. And Armani Men The Moisturizer Face & Eyes ($63) boasts a MAG C vitality complex, hydrating baobab leaf extract and anti-inflammatory birch bark extract to energize the skin while combating puffiness and dark circles. Meet your secret weapon for keeping the ticking hands of time in check.


Photography by: Giorgio Armani Beauty