BIGHORN Penthouses: A Life Like No Other

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Within seconds of arriving at BIGHORN GOLF CLUB, you know you've entered a world entirely its own. Wispy mesquite trees sway in the warm breeze. Saguaros stand tall, regal, and proud. Emerald green fairways blanket the foothills. Mountains soar just a few hundred yards away. And though the streets aren’t quite paved with gold, they are made of individual brick pavers — not a single speck of asphalt or blacktop in sight.

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By the time you arrive at the porte cochére of the clubhouse, where a sweeping, curved roofline rises up to kiss an endless, sun-drenched sky, and step through the gleaming glass double doors, You can’t help but let out a sigh of disbelief: You're not in Palm Desert anymore.

And that’s what makes BIGHORN the best.

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It’s transportive. It’s a place of pure beauty and endless possibility. It’s everything R.D. Hubbard envisioned when he and 20 fellow members purchased the club back in 1996.

From the building’s overall curvature and complex form to its dynamic interior design, every detail displays an unparalleled level of artistry and craftsmanship: Peruvian limestone floors, Portuguese travertine walls, hand-blown glass sculptures, splashes of color and metallic.

“There really is a unique feel to it,” says BIGHORN President, Carl Cardinalli.

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Futuristic finishes, only add to the otherworldly atmosphere. And four luxurious penthouse residences created by renowned designer Guy Dreier, whose contemporary home concepts have graced the covers of Architectural Digest and Robb Report, offer an exclusive homeownership opportunity for those in search of the ultimate concierge lifestyle. His imaginative designs have received international recognition and innumerable awards.

The supreme advantage of these private Penthouses, besides an exquisite living environment? Almost anything a Penthouse owner could want can be realized by a call to the Concierge presenting the ultimate in concierge living. Spacious luxury, comfortable environments, and beautiful views open to awe-inspiring surroundings defining every floor of the clubhouse.

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For more information or a personal tour please call 800-551-5578.

Photography by: Channing Benjamin, Mark Davidson & Manny Torres