Carolyn Case Brings a Dynamic Exhibition to Lux Art Institute

Casey Gillespie  | June 7, 2019 | Lifestyle

Carolyn Case, “Homemade Tattoo” (2017, oil on panel), 42 inches by 50 inches

“Having lived in Southern California while I was young, the expansive sense of light and the small choreographed sections of lush vegetation have always been a part of my aesthetic vocabulary,” says Carolyn Case, Lux Art Institute’s newest artist-in-residence. Indeed, the amalgamation of ocean blues, sunset corals and earthy sand hues ever present in her paintings make it clear that California left its mark on the artist. While Case now resides in Baltimore, it is her travels that often show up in her work. The artist’s exhibition, which opens June 15, is a patchwork of symbols, textiles, artifacts, landscapes and stories that she has garnered from her time exploring other places and cultures. Known for her layerings and complex symbolism, the artist often references past societies, crumbling civilizations and the rebuilding of cultures throughout history. However, during her residency, Case will return to her California roots and create a series of oil paintings that examine the landscape surrounding Lux—a rare treat for art lovers.


Photography by: Carolyn Case, © Carolyn Case, Asya Geisberg Gallery and Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, VA.