Gems Galore

Wendy Bowman | January 11, 2019 | Feature Features

Carlsbad's Gemological Institute is paying a stunning homage to the Father of Modern Gemology.
The incredible 15-carat Paraiba tourmaline and diamond pendant necklace is one of the showstopping gems on display.

Exquisite diamonds and colored gemstones are front and center in the A Tribute to Richard T. Liddicoat exhibit on view through mid-March at Carlsbad’s Gemological Institute. Expect an homage to the late “Father of Modern Gemology” (he’s the fellow who invented the world standard for diamond grading), complete with 50-plus stunning and priceless specimens of gems, jewelry and minerals. Among the highlights: striking pieces crafted by Harry Winston and Cartier; a dazzling necklace featuring a 15-carat neon-blue Paraiba tourmaline gemstone; and 23 polished slices of multicolored Liddicoatite tourmaline, named for the man who served as GIA’s president for 30-plus years. “Liddicoat’s impact on gemology, the jewelry industry and the jewelry-buying public was unparalleled,” says Terri Ottaway, curator of the Carlsbad museum. “March 2018 marked the anniversary of his 100th birthday—the perfect opportunity to showcase his contributions to the global gem and jewelry industry.”


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