Health & Beauty It List

Ann Wycoff | March 11, 2019 | Feature Features

In a town populated with people dedicated to athleticism and aestheticism, we've rounded up the best of the best in San Diego.

Cycle like a Champ
Bicycle aficionados take note: Rancho Valencia has broken away from the hotel peloton as the first U.S. property to partner up with Cicli Pinarello, offering guests the ultimate chance to pedal the elite Italian bikes. These beauties (from $2,000 to $20,000) are the cycle of choice of many Tour de France champs. So channel your inner Chris Froome: Explore the bucolic backroads of The Ranch and enjoy the complimentary ride.

Most Personalized Training
Former Royal Marines Commando and elite trainer to CEOs, pro athletes and actors, Philip McDougall left London and landed in San Diego, where he delivers bespoke training programs for adventurous clients. Expect the unexpected, as McDougall’s never-the-same sessions mean open-ocean swims, trail hikes and meticulous mobility training with accoutrements like Indian clubs, Bulgarian bags, mace bells and more. His major calorie burns deliver badass bodies, but at the end of the day, he believes one thing: “Everything we do in fitness, nutrition and general lifestyle should be answerable to one question: Will this make my life better when I’m 80?”

Tap Into the Fountain of Youth
Leading the beauty brigade as a pioneer in regenerative aesthetics and high-tech beauty treatments, Dr. Tess Mauricio wants to reintroduce you to your younger self. Her Time Machine Procedure ($2,500)—think Vampire Facial-plus-plus—transforms you in a single visit, while the all-natural autologous lipocyte micronized injections ($5,500 for full face) use your own fat cells and stem cells as fillers for improving volume, texture and tone.


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