Hunt Slonem Exhibit

| March 5, 2019 | Parties National

Hunt Slonem continues to take the art world by storm with the opening of his fifth solo exhibit at Madison Gallery.

THE PARTY Art enthusiasts descended upon art guru Lorna York’s Madison Gallery to spend an evening gazing in awe at vibrant works by famed artist Hunt Slonem for his fifth solo exhibit, Gatekeeper: World of Folly. Considered one of the greatest colorists of his time, Slonem is best known for his bold and exuberant paintings portraying his menagerie of animals. THE GUESTS Avid art collector and gallery owner Lorna York, alongside Kelly Schleicher and Melinda Shough, enjoyed an evening celebrating the always impressive San Diego art scene. THE HIGHLIGHTS Attendees had an exclusive opportunity to have their copies of Gatekeeper: World of Folly as well as the beloved Bunnies signed by Slonem during the opening night celebration. The evening was an intimate gathering and allowed guests a peek inside Slonem’s mind and imagination through his most recent creations. -Claire Harper

Photos by Tim Hardy


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