With Collagen and Turmeric, Jeanie Bean Coffee is a Literal Cup of Self-Care

Ann Wycoff | August 5, 2019 | Food & Drink


After breaking her arm, accidental entrepreneur Jean Courtney began researching health and wellness and discovered the healing powers of collagen and turmeric with black pepper. The mix not only helped her bone heal beautifully, but it also diminished her joint aches. On an afternoon walk with business whiz Gina Champion-Cain, of Swell Coffee Company and Patio Group fame, they decided the healing concoction should be available to all, so they hired a local scientist and formulated an aromatic coffee blend with the magic mix. Now, you can get a Jeanie Bean at the Swell Coffee cafes in Del Mar and Mission Beach as well as at Patio Express. “Adding a wellness component to the Swell brand was a no-brainer, as it’s how I like to live,” explains Champion-Cain, who says that Jeanie Bean is already a hit. Courtney adds, “Incorporating wellness at the start of the day sets a healthy intention. Remember, aging is not a punishment, it’s a privilege.”