LA-based stylist Sophie Lopez on Personal Style

Modern Luxury Editors Modern Luxury Editors | October 15, 2021 | People, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

Los Angeles-based stylist Sophie Lopez has carved a niche for herself in womenswear dressing her clients in fresh, unexpected red-carpet looks. Her career began as a fashion assistant at British GQ; fast forward to today, she balances dressing the women of Hollywood with editorial shoots for top publications. Known for her love of bold colors and playful pieces, the rising stylist believes innovation means rolling with the punches and staying informed on what’s new. “My industry changes all the time. To be innovative, is to pay attention to how things are changing and to be adaptable. I’m always attracted to (what) I haven’t seen before,” says Lopez.

The on-the-go fashionista appreciates the spaciousness of her 2021 Cadillac Escalade as she preps for fittings with designers and branded photoshoots in the studio. “For my job, it’s the perfect car because I can fit three shoots worth of clothes in there. I think the (Escalade) certainly fits into my lifestyle,” explains Lopez. There is plenty of sweat equity required within her stylist role behind the scenes; her responsibility to transport wardrobes across Los Angeles makes the luxury SUV the best fit for Lopez’s tightly packed schedule.

For a woman immersed in style, Sophie Lopez treasures the sophisticated design of the Cadillac Escalade when she arrives for any occasion. The stunning curved OLED 4K customizable display gives Lopez easy access to her trip information, while the AKG Audio is perfect for immersing herself in playlists curated for her trips. From the Full Semi Aniline leather seats available on select models to the rear seat entertainment for her guests, the SUV possesses a sexy, modern drive. The petite Lopez particularly cherishes the magnitude of the vehicle’s height making her feel powerful and ready to take on her day. According to her, the 2021 Cadillac Escalade “feels a bit like me in some ways. I value (such) things in my work, style, aesthetic and presentation. This car personifies all of that.”.

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