Mix Masters

| July 10, 2014 | Parties National

The Party
The invite came with a caveat: The evening was designed as a start-to-finish experience. Translation? No stragglers! So the party crowd arrived to downtown’s Luce Loft for the launch of Please & Thank You Cocktail Co. on the dot and ready to be wowed. Happily, an open bar with signature drinks like the gin-spiked Blackberry Bramble or a bubbly Lay Lady Lay didn’t disappoint, and set the tone for an evening dedicated to the high art of entertaining.

The People
Building on their reputation as of-the-moment event maestros, hosts Juan Miron and Kevin Ho—who also own catering company The Vetted Table, MIHO Gastrotruck and the new North Park brick-and-mortar resto Ju/Ke—drew foodies and a who’s who of tastemakers, including designer Betsy Ginn, who styled the evening’s dramatic black communal tables.

Best in Show
Course after course issued forth from the kitchen, accompanied by a roving Champagne cart. When appetites were sated, a mariachi band made a surprise appearance, helping the crowd shift gears into dancing mode. And as the evening drew to a close—true to form from a duo of mix masters—it was Pappy Van Winkle time, with sips of the coveted pour ending the night on a sophisticated note. –Photography by Birds of a Feather and Studio Castillero


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