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San Diego Magazine is pleased to present some of the most distinguished men that are taking the San Diego Area by storm. These outstanding industry leaders are shaping the future of their respective fields as some of the most prominent influencers in our community.


MYLES JOSEPH HASNAIN, Photography by Tiffany Allen, Styling by MJH Studios


“Fashion should be fun and expressive of who we are.”

Myles Joseph Hasnain is the creator and curator of MJH Studios, San Diego’s premiere resource for an elevated and accessible highend shopping experience. Hasnain has spent 10+ years in the fashion industry, from studying fashion journalism at Academy of Art University in San Francisco to working at fashion industry giants such as LFUSA and Ralph Lauren in both New York City and the West Coast.

MJH Studios, which opened in 2019, is the culmination of Myles’ experiences and wide-ranging knowledge of the industry. “Fashion should be fun and expressive of who we are,” Hasnain explains, and MJH Studios brings this to life. Combining the insider access of a personal stylist with the service and surroundings of a luxury boutique, MJH Studios has designed a welcoming space for those who love fashion, creativity and design.

The MJH Studios showroom is set up to engage clients and help them discover and expand their sense of style. Hasnain loves working with clients willing to take risks and is known for forging great relationships with his clientele. His handson approach has led him to create an uplifting environment, while sharing his passion and love for style. Featuring an eclectic array of brands and one-of-a-kind fashion finds, MJH Studios makes high fashion accessible for all San Diegans.

What’s next for Hasnain? Continuing to expand his footprint, including bringing his style to homewares. Hasnain also is continuing his work in the community with organizations such as Black Lives Matter, explaining: “Being a Modern Man today means being able to use your platform for good, looking around you and seeing where you can support.”

3790 Via De La Valle #218
Del Mar, CA 92014


LAWRENCE BROWN, Photography by Tiffany Allen


"No matter the challenge, I'm always game. Low-offer, hard to find floor plans, guiding you through a multiple-offer situation - I'm your guy!"

As a 4th generation San Diegan and 2nd generation real estate professional, Lawrence Brown know everything about San Diego. Not only is he a native to the highly sought after city (his whole family lives in San Diego, as well), he knows the ins and outs of the area and is uniquely positioned to help his clients fulfill their dreams of living in one of the most desired cities in the country. From walking his French Bulldog in Balboa Park, exploring local restaurants, volunteering his time with the LGBTQ+ community, Brown is always active in the community; he loves and wants everyone to experience the San Diego lifestyle.

Brown credits his success to his knowledge of the industry and using it to provide his clients with a full service package. Real estate has been ingrained in him all his life, and he wants to use his experience to personally guide his clients every step of the way. His goal is to give them the ultimate experience, whether they’re buying or selling. His hospitality and genuine spirit have led to the majority of his clients becoming lifelong friends and Brown building an extensive referral network.

Licensed since 2009, Brown learned the ropes of the business in a less than perfect market, building his skills in nonideal circumstances. He has focused his career on the San Diego Metro area, which is constantly evolving. Brown has noticed an uptick in clients desiring change and having unanswered questions on what their next steps should be in the current market. Luckily, he has a knack for being able to answer any questions, allowing him to find the right property for the right client.

What does being a Modern Man mean? Brown explains, “It’s being open minded - you can’t live your life based on what you used to know. It’s 2020 - everything has changed, so if you go into life being open, you’ll be able to thrive in any situation.”

1901 1st Ave #194
San Diego, CA 92101
[email protected]


THOMAS BUI, Photography by Dennis Kwan


“We have knowledge, experience and understanding for our clientele.”

Thomas Bui Lifestyle, Inc. is a full-service, fullproduction company that specializes in planning, executing, and producing luxury weddings and events. They are based in San Diego (Mission Hills) with a satellite office in San Francisco to service events in the Bay Area and wine country.

Bui founded Thomas Bui Lifestyle in 2000, and has spent the past 20 years designing events across the United States and the globe.

Bui says, “Our style is geared towards a “European flair with a refined style of elegance. Every event is designed from start to finish with the guidance and attention to detail. From a small intimate soiree for 2 people, to a multiday celebration with over 500 guests, every faith, culture, and religion, we have knowledge, experience and understanding for our clientele.”

How has Bui achieved such success? “Our key to success is always taking care of our clients, first and foremost. No job is too big or too small, or too challenging. We love conceptualizing, selling our ideas, and executing in a new space. However, no matter the size of the event, the key is every success is communications with our clients. Be transparent, be honest, and be present.” This mindset is what has led top celebrity clients, sports figures, and local big names in San Diego to choose Bui for their luxury wedding and event needs.

Bui and his team always put their clientele first. “We spend over 300 working hours getting ready for an event. Whether we’re working on 10 events at the same time, and answering hundreds of emails, every client is important and we don’t lose sight of their importance. We’ve always believed that if you’re too overwhelmed, then you need to cut back. Customer satisfaction and their investment in us and our team is the biggest priority.”

What is next up on the horizon for Thomas Bui Lifestyle? “We’re excited to get back to events. All of our big events have either been postponed or downsized, but we’re ready for traveling with our clients and designing larger celebrations when it’s safe to have large gatherings again.”

San Diego, CA 92103


JACOB C. CHAPARRO, Photography by Tiffany Allen, Styling by MJH Studios


“Improving how we serve our clients is a never-ending journey I enjoy.”

As a first generation immigrant from Mexico City, Jacob Chaparro learned early on the value of a dollar and, more importantly, a dollar well invested. As a child of humble beginnings, Jacob watched his father and grandfather’s hard work and drive to succeed. He learned that money is a tool of security and that smart investment decisions would ultimately be a driving force in how he could help others.

Jacob began his career in finance during the economic recession. After advancing his roles in several well-known financial institutions, Jacob recognized there was a need in the market to not only serve high-net worth households, but to also serve a group often referred to as “HENRY’S”, an acronym which cleverly translates to: High Earners Not Rich Yet. In 2016, Jacob launched Zenith Investment Management with a vision of offering a platform that served both HENRY’S as well as those who had already arrived, and all stages in between.

“At Zenith, we operate as investment advisors in a more sophisticated and evolved fashion to better serve our clients in today’s world. Apart from the industry norm of assessing an annual fee to accounts we manage, we also work on a retainer, hourly, or subscription basis depending on the client’s needs. As true fiduciaries, our clients pay us for our wisdom and advice, and that is all. They do not pay for transacting business as we never collect commissions on investments. This allows clients to feel confident they are always getting a high level of expertise and our honest, unbiased advice.”

This business model has proven successful and Zenith has continued to grow as a result. Look for Zenith advisors and satellite offices to soon start popping up across the country.

Consistently evolving to be at the forefront of change is paramount to Zenith’s culture. “Regardless of changes that may come in the investment world, clients will always need a relationship and advice they can trust.”

9920 Pacific Heights Boulevard, Suite. 150
San Diego, CA 92121




“Champion of the underdog”

Jason T. Conforti has built a reputation in Southern California as the go-to for criminal defense needs. Conforti, who has over 10 years of experience in federal court, specializes in federal and white-collar criminal defense for both individuals and businesses. Among his expertise include business compliance matters; administrative, civil and criminal parallel proceedings; debarment issues; and defending actions initiated by regulatory agencies. He’s achieved numerous accolades including being named to the California Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists, and was recently selected to serve on the Forbes Business Council.

Through meticulous attention to detail and analysis, Conforti is able to put together a game plan to successfully navigate through the legal minefield his clients are facing. He understands the collateral consequences his business clients must deal with as a result of a federal investigation and implements a strategy to minimize their impact.

Recently, Conforti successfully defended the first federal prosecution involving allegations of selling Bitcoin for cash, the operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business and drug trafficking using crypto-currency via the dark web.

Conforti credits his success to both his trial skills and his work ethic. His ability to distill complex factual scenarios down to the simplest terms allow him to effectively educate, persuade and advocate for his clients. He serves as the champion and the voice of his clients, defending and fighting for their life and liberty. He serves as the champion and the voice of his clients, defending and fighting for their life and liberty. When not in the courtroom, Conforti prioritizes family, spending time with his wife (also a successful lawyer!) and two children.

550 West C Street, Suite 620
San Diego CA 92101


TERRENCE GRIFFIN, Photography by Tiffany Allen, Styling by MJH Studios


"My style is an expression of who I am at my core. It's the way my soul speaks, it is my firm belief that your style should match your AMBITION!"

Griffin is known as the go-to realtor for everything, from handling the specialized needs of entertainment and sports professionals to military relocation and corporate relocation. Griffin is equipped with a wealth of industry and lifestyle knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions and manage challenges along the way.

Griffin strives to simplify the home buying andselling process while protecting his client’s privacy and advising on the best steps to takealong the way.

He notes, “The buying and selling process comes with enough stress so I look for any opportunity to alleviate stress where I can--not only in the buying or selling process, but also in their personal life. I have a niche-oriented model that has opened many doors of opportunities in working with athletes, entertainers, and military service members.”

How does Griffin stand apart? “I approach every transaction as an opportunity to add value and be of service,” he says. “My clients do not want a transactional relationship with their realtor.They want to know they can count on me long after the ink dries on their contract.”

“I love life, and I approach it with a sense of excitement and energy every day, Griffin continues. “From being a loving husband, son, brother and friend, to playing golf, concocting a new recipe in the kitchen, and how I present myself through my fashion. I always put my all into everything I do.”

When asked what’s next on the horizon, Griffinreplies, “I want to scale my business to have a bigger impact on this industry.

Selling a $3-million-dollar luxury home for an athlete is very different from helping a young couple buy their first starter home, and the days of a “one-stop-shop” realtor are over. The future belongs to agents who can best understand the unique needs of theircustomers and serve them to the best of their abilities.”

In other words, for Griffin, the effort he puts into his work ensures customer satisfaction.

7863 Girard Ave, Suite 208
La Jolla, CA 92037
DRE#: 01909895


ALLEN JACKEL, Photography by Tiffany Allen, Styling by MJH Studios


"There's nothing like helping a person find the right opportunity."

Life-long San Diegan, Allen Jackel, grew up in a household of real estate investors. “When other kids were learning numbers and letters, my parents taught me about property value and appreciation,” explains Allen. And the lessons worked. At 25 years old, Allen purchased his first home - a beach house on Neptune Ave in Newport Beach.

“It all began on Neptune and I’ve been investing in real estate ever since.” Over the next 20 years, Allen and his wife Tracy, have added many new investments to their portfolio - as well as two fantastic kids, Zoe and Grayden.

Often surprised by how many of his highearner friends have little-to-no investments outside of perhaps a 401K and the home they live in, an idea was born. Allen decided to launch Neptune Partners, a real estate investment company designed to help his friends build more diversified portfolios by tapping into a market less familiar to them.

“Friends are constantly asking me about my investments. With Neptune Partners, I am able to help them acquire income producing properties that will ultimately set them up for a retirement lifestyle we all dream of.”
[email protected]




“CaliFino was a passion project that’s grown exponentially in the last two years and we’re just trying to enjoy the ride along the way!”

Miguel Luna and Phil Salvagio founded CaliFino Tequila to bring craft luxury tequila to the masses. The men met through professional soccer (Luna was playing for the San Diego Sockers, Phil was owner and coach for the San Diego Sockers) where Luna would share his family tequila in the locker room. Tequila runs in Luna’s blood - his grandfather, Don Jose Luna, would get private batches of tequila from the Highlands of Arandas in Jalisco, Mexico and share them with his family and friends, a tradition he passed down to Miguel.

As the hype around the tequila grew, Luna and Salvagio formed a partnership to launch CaliFino Tequila in October 2018, focusing on the San Diego market. CaliFino Tequila offers four expressions, Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo, all with 100% Ultra Premium Blue Weber Agave. Their tequila is for sipping - no lime and salt! - with craftsmanship and quality included in every step, from aging in American white oak barrels to the bottles designed with attention to detail, including real leather labels and rope made of the leftover agave fibers.

What’s next for Luna and Salvagio? Expanding the brand with continued distribution in Southern California as well as locations around the country, starting a new gelato line that takes the CaliFino recipes and transforms them into frozen desserts and building out a new event space to host private tastings, gatherings and to represent what the CaliFino culture means to us, “smooth sipping and fine experiences.”

San Diego, CA
[email protected]


GARRET MILLIGAN, Photography by Tiffany Allen


Legacy, Integrity & Professionalism.

Garret Milligan is committed to the edict of exceeding expectations, in both his personal character, as well as in his professional code and the unprecedented attention to detail that he displays in the execution of each and every one of his many real estate transactions, making him a consistent leader in the industry.

As a lifelong Rancho Santa Fe resident, involved community member, and real estate professional, Garret’s history in the area is deeply rooted in a family legacy that spans well over 75 years. In 2012, Garret made his personal mark in the field of real estate by being named the youngest partner, ever, in an elite, luxury real estate firm. His thoughtful and thorough knowledge of the region and vast network of industry resources have earned Garret a loyal following of satisfied clients, both repeat and referral based. With a proud history of negotiating deals and executing sales that are record breaking in every aspect... market time, prices and results achieved, Garret remains a steadfast example of honest and meticulous customer service.

Garret strongly aligns himself with the philosophy that, “You don’t just buy and sell properties; rather, you set a solid course for generations to come, with each and every transaction!” That theory and its accompanying wisdom, has become “The Milligan Process.” It’s ALL the details, small and large, that contribute to the successful execution of any real estate proceeding, and it’s also an ethic that sets Garret apart from other agents in his profession. With over 100 million dollars of sales to his credit, Garret proves, time and again, the value of working with a thoughtful, skilled and experienced professional.

16909 Via de Santa Fe, Suite 100
Rancho Santa Fe, California
[email protected]
DRE 01848820


JOSE “JOJO” RUIZ, Photography by Arlene Ibarra


"We are committed to sustainable sourcing when we open both Longfish and Serea, not for the accolades but because it is right. The ocean is part of who I am. There was never a question that my menus wouldn't be focused on sustainability."

Restaurants: Lionfish Serẽa and Lionfish Delray Beach

A San Diego native, Jose “JoJo” Ruiz is leading the restaurant scene as Partner and Executive Chef of Clique Hospitality’s Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine at Pendry San Diego, Serea, located at the historic Hotel del Coronado and Lionfish Delray Beach. Chef Ruiz has earned the prestigious accolade, recognized as a James Beard Certified Smart Catch Leader due to his commitment to sustainable seafood practices. Lionfish and Serea are currently the only restaurants in San Diego and Coronado to have been awarded this recognition.

In partnership with Andy Masi of Clique Hospitality, Chef JoJo Ruiz opened Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine at Pendry San Diego in February 2017 and Lionfish Delray Beach, which debuted on September 21, 2020. Ruiz showcases a seasonal San Diegoinspired menu serving fresh sustainable seafood and modern coastal cuisine at his restaurants.

In 2019, Ruiz and Masi continued their partnership with the opening of Serea, a sea-to-table coastal cuisine dining experience offering an expertly curated menu of sustainable seafood, meats and other signature selections with a Mediterranean flair. The beautifully designed airy restaurant offers indoor and outdoor al fresco dining with oceanfront views.

Being an influential part of the San Diego community with locally driven restaurants, Chef Ruiz is committed to supporting Lionfish and Serea with ocean-friendly sustainable practices.

Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine – San Diego
435 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.738.7200
Serea Coastal Cuisine
1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118 | 619.435.6611
Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine - Delray Beach
307 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483 | 561.639.8700


ALEXANDER SALAZAR, Photography by Tiffany Allen, Styling by MJH Studios


“I’ve dedicated my entire life to art: representing artists from around the world, funding private art projects, collecting and brokering, while at the same time being an artist myself.”

Alejandro (Alexander) Rojas Salazar is a well-known artist, art dealer, philanthropist, curator & gallerist in San Diego. Throughout his life, Salazar has pursued his love of the fine arts by studying, traveling and creating. He holds Masters degrees from Harvard University & Boston College, where he furthered his understanding of art and art theory, as well as Colorado College with a major in Sociology and a minor in Art of London & Florence. After completing his degrees, Salazar lived in London, England and Florence, Italy. While living abroad, he focused on contemporary art.

Salazar has been an art dealer and art curator for over 20 years, curating exhibits around the world, and his works are featured in many private and corporate collections worldwide. “I’ve dedicated my entire life to art: representing artists from around the world, funding private art projects, collecting and brokering, while at the same time being an artist myself.” Salazar says. “I understand both sides of the art world - as a collector and gallery owner, as well as an artist. To say I wear “many hats” is too easy. I’ve worn them all at one point or another in my career - and I love It.”

He continues to work on a variety of projects, including Hearts of Hope by Salazar, abstract heart paintings on canvas painted by Salazar to keep art alive in San Diego. “At the start of COVID-19, I noticed a lot of generosity - hope took over the world - and we learned what it meant to be human again and we opened up our hearts and our minds. I wanted the heart paintings to serve as a reminder of this pandemic. Each work is signed “painted during COVID-19” as a historical marker for future generations that one day will read this on the back of each painting and hopefully will understand that there was indeed hope and love during COVID-19.”

What’s next on the horizon for Salazar? “I have started many new partnerships during COVID-19, many with realtors and restaurants - you will also soon be able to find me in Del Mar at a new small gallery space.”



SIRIUS K. YOO, M.D., Photography by Tiffany Allen


“Our results speak for themselves.”

Dr. Sirius K. Yoo is the force behind, SKY Facial Plastic Surgery, San Diego’s premier cosmetic surgery practice focused on procedures for the face and neck. Dr. Yoo’s surgical skills have attracted patients from across Southern California as well as around the globe, who desire the most natural-looking results possible.

Since opening in 2010, Dr. Yoo and his team have become well known for delivering impressive results that look natural in a luxe setting with impeccable customer service. Patients go for a comprehensive range of custom treatments for the face and neck, which may include anything from skincare, injectables and lasers to — of course — surgery. The entire SKY Facial Plastic Surgery team is centered on a patient-first focus.

The practice is family owned and operated, as Dr. Yoo’s wife, Amber Yoo, serves as the Vice President and manages all business operations. The company has been recognized nationally for its growth and recently expanded by doubling its footprint and adding a Nurse Practitioner to the team for nonsurgical services. Dr. Yoo has also been recognized as a leader in his field both locally and nationally.

Originally from Florida, Dr. Yoo is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and head & neck surgery. He is one of a very select group of surgeons in the nation and the only surgeon in San Diego County to have completed a prestigious fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Stanford University under the expert guidance of Dr. Sam Most, a renowned specialist in plastic surgery of the head and neck.

Dr. Yoo takes pride in providing patients with natural results, working in collaboration with his patients to achieve their goals whether it’s a little confidence boost or a bigger transformation. He serves as a partner with his patients throughout the entire surgical process ensuring they have an advocate in their corner post-surgery as the journey afterwards is often just as important as the initial decision to undergo surgery.

16918 Dove Canyon Road, Unit 208
San Diego, CA 92127
[email protected]

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