Nelson Brothers Team at Willis Allen Real Estate: Prepare to be Moved

By Willis Allen Real Estate By Willis Allen Real Estate | September 14, 2021 | Home & Real Estate Sponsored Post

Tim and Drew were born into a La Jolla residential real estate family, with their Dad - Andy Nelson - working at, and then eventually owning and running Willis Allen Real Estate. However they did not start work at the company until after they each had successful careers in other facets of the real estate business.


Drew and Tim are both attracted to working with and helping people. That sounds cliche but anyone who has worked in the real estate business, especially at the luxury end of the space, knows that the business is about relationships and understanding and being able to communicate with people. If you don't like the nuances of managing interpersonal relationships at a professional level, it is hard to be effective.

The characteristics that define and differentiate the Nelson Brothers' approach to real estate is their hands-on, customized and tailored approach to each buyer, listing and situation. They are not trying to sell the most houses or do the highest dollar volume. They are trying to further their reputation as experts in their market, providing excellent service and developing life-long relationships with their clients and within their community. They know that approach to improving their business translates most directly to the barometers by which some other agents measure success. On that note, they have sold ~$140,000,000 in the past 12 months so their approach is clearly working.

Willis Allen Real Estate, the brand, the company, the tools, the reputation and the staff and agents that comprise it provides the foundation that sets the Nelson Brothers apart from their competition. A lot of times they will go up against multiple agents from the same competitive brokerage, and it is always powerful to have different things to be able to use to compete. Tools like Luxury Portfolio International, Forbes Global Properties, Refine and WAREHouse come to mind which are proprietary to Willis Allen Real Estate.

Being locally owned, fiercely independent and having been based in and solely serving San Diego county for over 100 years, Willis Allen Real Estate's impact on this community cannot be summarized in the amount of space we have here, but it is safe to say that the company and its agents do a lot for the communities in which they live and sell. The Nelson Brothers in particular have joined the company in being team and field sponsors for La Jolla Youth Baseball, of which Willis Allen has been the longest running sponsor.

Drew and Tim are excited to embrace the new marketing campaign that Willis Allen Real Estate is launching this Spring which they feel aptly summarizes, in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing way, the essence of what they do; Find what moves you. Look for that in upcoming Nelson Brothers and Willis Allen marketing."


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