Robert Wayne and Charmaine Haworth Open 8th Harmony in La Jolla

Casey Gillespie | May 20, 2019 | Style & Beauty


Situated in the heart of La Jolla, newly opened 8th Harmony is a one-of-a-kind wellness destination specializing in frequency therapy, transformative coaching and educational events, and is home to the only Life Vessel (a resonant chamber using sound, light, frequency and vibration to create a natural state of relaxation) in San Diego. For co-founders Robert Wayne and Charmaine Haworth, the main focus is on well-being, but clients who frequent the space say they come for “clarity and emotional wellness without years of therapy.” Wayne says, “8th Harmony is a special place; it’s a safe haven where people come to relax, heal and transform.” Sounds just about perfect, if you ask us. 7818 Ivanhoe Ave., La Jolla



Photography by: tim melideo