Ross Franklin's Expansion Plans Are Boosted by a Renewed Interest in Healthy Eating

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

With rising interest in clean eating comes more and more health brands. Yet, not all are as reliable, pure, and accessible as Pure Green, a cold-pressed juice company that Ross Franklin founded in 2014. Ross has been in the health and wellness industry for over two decades, using his knowledge to transition the population into healthy living.


Since the founding of Pure Green, the brand has expanded to be an omni-channel business with a franchise division. This means that not only can people be invested in the product, but they can also be a part of the Pure Green company by investing in their own franchise.

Pure Green sells products to professional sports teams and regular consumers, which just goes to show how nourishing and clean the products are. Along with the juices, Pure Green also sells handcrafted smoothies, acai bowls, and shots, all packed with nutrition and flavor. There is no wonder why everyone is going crazy for the brand. Hence, its expansion across the US.

With growing interest in the brand and more people hoping to get involved in Ross Franklin's high-performance nutrition business, the company's franchise sector is allowing for rapid expansion through the US in coming years.

Their master franchise structure has multiple area representatives in each state who can help support individuals who want to get involved with the company and start their own franchise of Pure Green. The franchise setup will help recruit the best managers to stay on top of the customer demand, shipments, and overall control of the day-to-day business within the Pure Green store.

Pure Green's expansion across the U.S. will allow more communities to be a part of this health kick and encourage people to connect with superfoods. This was Ross's aim from the get-go, and this expansion allows him to be one step closer to his end goal.

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