Sake to Me

| April 24, 2012 | Parties National

THE PARTY Master chef meets design impresario at downtown’s latest hip address, Katsuya by Starck. Eager for elevated Japanese fare and mod design, a glitzy crowd flocked to the Andaz to fĂȘte the opening of the new dining and nightlife hot spot. THE PLAYERS Founder of SBE Entertainment Group Sam Nazarian; S.D. Charger and Katsuya investor Shaun Phillips; pro skateboarder Tony Hawk; actor Connor Cruise (yes, that Cruise) THE HIGHLIGHTS Chef Katsuya Uechi addressed the crowd before a drumming ritual and a collective shout of “kampa” that echoed across the room. The Japanese toast, part of the traditional sake ceremony, followed the breaking open of a sake barrel with a wooden mallet. Guests dove into the boatload (literally) of sushi served in the private dining room. Also on the menu: addictive miso-marinated black cod and cucumber-laced cocktails. Hey L.A.: Keep the imports coming! San Diego is more than game (and we have a lot less attitude). Photography by Timothy King


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