Tenley's Best

Andrea Bennett | January 2, 2018 | Feature Features

While we're all busy setting our 2018 intentions, Tenley Molzahn is already living hers—from her personalized health mini-empire in Encinitas.

DEVOTEES OF ABC’s Bachelor franchise will recognize this sunny visage as three-time Bachelor star and former Disney dancer Tenley Molzahn. Tenley fanatics—of which there are nearly a quarter million on Instagram—follow her for doses of healthy inspiration on her Sweet & Free Life blog, her one-on-one holistic nutritional coaching and the cleanse she started with clinical nutritionist and friend Emily Potter. What started as a cleanse, she says, grew into a lifestyle in which the pair help clients reach their goals while not having to be superhuman: “They can drink healthy cocktails and learn how to travel healthily,” she says. “My greatest passion is getting to work with clients one-on-one on their wellness journey and seeing them begin to thrive.” Her own best of San Diego experiences include a near-religious devotion to her daily Lofty Coffee habit. “I live right by the original one in Encinitas, and it’s often my office,” she says. “Everything’s organic, and they make their own almond milk and coconut milk.” The gluten-free advocate also loves Priority Public House in Leucadia: “The breakfast bowl is to die for—just add arugula!” she laughs. Other favorites include the “organic, awesome Thai” at Birdseye Kitchen and girls’ nights out at Blue Ribbon Pizzeria. If she’s not running on the beach or sweating it out at Yoga Tropics, you might even find her teaching barre at Studio Barre Encinitas. “A few of my students are around 70 years old and they’re really working some booty!” she says. “There are some inspiring women there.” We’re guessing the feeling is mutual.


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