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Updating the Sunset Strip one, (or two, or three) Hotels at a time! IMG_0019.jpg

The Mondruan Hotel - West Hollywood, CA

When it comes to the Sunset Strip, everyone knows they’re at the hub of the latest trends in the hospitality, dining and entertainment industries, as it is home to some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world.

The Third Degree (TTD), a hospitality furniture company that you’re going to hear a lot about, is in the process of updating the furniture experience for many of these hotel properties.

They’ve already refreshed 30 rooms of the legendary Mondrian Hotel and are on an ongoing mission to refit and repair any signs of use in the current furniture for all 234 rooms.


The Kimpton Everly Hotel - Hollywood, CA

Already in conversation with the TTD, are the Hotel Ziggy next door to the Mondrian, as well as the Chamberlain Hotel a few blocks away. For the past few years they’ve been doing ongoing work for the beautiful Kimpton La Peer Hotel as well as the Kimpton Everly Hotel.

“We understand the complexities of the hotel and restaurant properties when it comes to remodeling and upgrading their environments, both for the operation team as well as of course for the guest experience” says Rey III Viquez, CEO of The Third Degree, a furniture and decor company becoming the Go-To hospitality furniture company.

“We employ 4 crucial factors in our hospitality remodeling process, which are the brand alignment, laser focused timing and deadlines, consistency of the hotel finishes and of course partnership with the hotels multifaceted teams” says Rey III Viquez, AKA Rey3.


Kimpton La Peer Hotel - West Hollywood, CA

Brand Alignment: is crucial at The Third Degree (TTD). They understand the value that furniture and decor items add to the recipe of ingredients that make up a hotel brand, and their product is successful as it becomes one with their clients brand.

Timing and Schedule: The second is of course laser focused schedules and timing. For Super Bowl 2022, TTD upgraded 30 rooms for La Peer Hotel, and those rooms had to be ready for the delegation arriving that Wednesday before the Super Bowl at 10:00am! Work was done on and offsite and as rooms became available to be worked on. They strike a wonderful rhythm with the hotel's engineering and housekeeping group, to work on rooms as they become available and ensure they are ready for the guests’ scheduled arrival times.

Consistency of Finishes: The finishes are of utmost importance in a hotel property, while remodeling some of the furniture in a hotel, and not all existing furniture pieces of a certain type, TTD ensures the finishes of the remodeled pieces match perfectly with existing pieces.


Kimpton La Peer Hotel - West Hollywood, CA

Multi-faceted Teamsmanship and Partnership: TTD must comply with the different priorities of clients within a hotel. They must ensure the ownership, general managers, sales, engineering and of housekeeping teams are happy with the work delivered.

For further information please visit or contact Rey3 directly at [email protected] or 310-739-9096.

Kimpton Everly Hotel - Hollywood, CA

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