Think Big

| July 17, 2013 | Parties National

THE PARTY Fans and supporters of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center donned their sparkliest black-tie garb and turned out for the Big Bang Gala, an enlightened evening of cocktails and cutting-edge science. THE SCENE Rubik’s cubes and gyroscopes on the turquoise-draped tables set a geek-chic vibe as guests meandered through the exhibit hall sipping signature Expanding Universe cocktails. Outdoors, all eyes were turned upward as a flying robot zoomed overhead, a preview of an upcoming high-tech exhibit. THE HIGHLIGHTS Retiring Executive Director Jeffrey Kirsch, who brought the world’s first IMAX dome theater to S.D., encouraged guests to up the ante as they raised $341,000 toward the museum’s new Innovation Fund and programming. Afterward, the virtuous could pick their vice: playing games of chance at hosted tables or letting loose on the dance floor to the sounds of the Fabulous Ultra Tones. Photography by Carol Sonstein


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