Top of the Hyatt

| July 2, 2015 | Calendar

Guests are invited to attend a send-off party at Top of the Hyatt inside the Manchester Grand Hyatt prior to its upcoming renovations on Sunday, July 5 from noon to midnight. For years this waterfront hotspot, complete with dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, has elevated the bar for San Diego nightlife, literally. Perched 40-stories above the city’s big bay, The Top of the Hyatt is situated in the conveniently located Manchester Grand Hyatt – the tallest waterfront hotel on the West Coast. So to kick-off the new renovations to this San Diego treasure, a commemoration of the sheer existence of this unique place is in order. Upon entering the party, guest will be given the opportunity to take endless amounts of selfies with the signature views from Top of the Hyatt and invited to leave your signature on the walls of this iconic space. This party will be a reflection on all of the special memories that were created at the Top of the Hyatt, and of course a toast to all those that will be made in the future.


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