Where to See Andy Davis' Latest Murals

By Casey Gillespie | February 10, 2020 | Lifestyle


Andy Davis, "Baby Bird"

While Leucadia-based artist Andy Davis’ pieces are instantly recognizable and undeniably deeply rooted in SoCal culture, he describes his style as “colorfully cruising through chaos. Loose and free, but held together with a touch of sophistication.” His latest project involves the large-scale murals that adorn some of the walls of North County’s constantly evolving shopping destination, One Paseo. Davis says the images are based on the idea of letting go and doing what makes you happy, and this is easily gleaned from the warm colors and “free and easy vibe.” The prolific artist, who has worked for major brands such as Netflix, Vans, Patagonia and the Surfrider Foundation, among many others, says the secret to a long, successful career in art is to “do it because it makes you feel better about yourself and others. Be grateful, patient and keep dreaming.”


Photography by: Courtesy of Andy Davis for One Paseo