World-Class Golf Brand Honma Takes a Swing at the San Diego Market with the Debut of Honma House

By Allison Mitchell | March 5, 2020 | Lifestyle


Honma PGA Tour ambassador Justin Rose takes a swing with the TW XP-1 driver ($600).

From beachfront fairways to courses laid out in inland valleys, San Diego is home to more than 90 golf courses, making it a hotbed for top brands and players alike. While La Jolla’s Torrey Pines Golf Course, host of the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open, may be the most famous of its myriad destinations, Carlsbad is now home to its own crown jewel. Rather than another golf course, this destination is one that will help you play like the pros. Welcome to Honma House, a unique retail experience found only in San Diego.

The heritage brand, known for its premium-quality golf clubs, was founded by the Honma brothers in 1958 outside of Tokyo. More than 300 master craftsmen, or takumi, design Honma’s clubs by hand, utilizing artisanal methods to achieve the perfect shape while marrying those elite designs with cutting-edge technology. “Honma is committed to crafting the world’s highest-quality and most beautiful golf clubs that provide both premium performance and magnificent artistry for every golfer,” says Brad Holder, vice president of marketing. “It’s more than just a mission—it is in the DNA, the heart and the soul of Honma. There’s a real appreciation for the beauty and harmony in how a club looks, feels, sounds and performs.” Persimmon blocks sourced from Mississippi are used to create the clubs’ handshaped heads while top-of-the-line carbon and graphite materials from Toray composites are used to create proprietary shafts. The result is a collection of clubs used by pros like Justin Rose, the brand’s primary ambassador on the PGA Tour, and players across the world like Hideto Tanihara on the PGA European Tour and Shanshan Feng on the LPGA Tour, among others.


A look at the new Honma House in Carlsbad, where shoppers will find a fitting area, limited-edition accessories, apparel and more.

At Honma House, guests will find the culmination of the brand’s legacy. “Honma House honors our 60 years of history and commitment to craftsmanship, including the evolution of our takumi processes and holistic club and shaft technology. It’s a premium, elevated retail experience unlike any other, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern style and performance,” says Holder of the store, the only one of its kind in the United States. For those who want the brand’s most elite clubs, look no further than its BERES collection, where a single club can cost $4,500 and up. “Honma’s BERES line is world-class and world-famous; it’s truly without equal. Designed in Sakata, Japan, with strict adherence to Honma’s legendary quality and craftsmanship, BERES 5-Star is for those who demand artistry and performance and want to differentiate themselves with enhanced details like precious metal decorations and 24K gold accents and trim.” In-store fittings, where clubs can be tested on Honma’s Foresight GCHawk and GCQuad launch monitors, ensure you’ll find the design that’s best suited to your needs. “We hope shoppers find an appreciation for the Honma brand; a chance to see, touch and try our new products; and a story to make their golf buddies jealous—also a new set of custom-fit Honma clubs.” Now that’s a hole-in-one.


Photography by: Justin Rose photo by Andrew Reilly; Honma House photo by Ian Patzke